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I am sure some Dorrell apologists want to call it "Norvell's offense," or whatever because he is the new OC, but the responsibility of UCLA offense being a total joke three out Dorrell's four years belongs to none other than Karl Dorrell. After all he is the former "NFL wide receiver coach" who was hired into Westwood to implement his (garbage) WCO.  Dorrell brought in Norvell not to run Norvell's "WCO," but so that Norvell can implement an offense that would reflect Dorrell's offensive philosophy (whatever that is).

So even after Norvell's arrival, Dorrell's offense continues to look like a TOTAL JOKE:

UCLA's defense was expected to be far ahead of its offense, but few imagined it would be to the level it was in Friday's spring game at Spaulding Field.

Neither newly anointed starting quarterback Ben Olson nor backup Patrick Cowan moved the offense, which managed one field goal in normal situations, before the ball was placed at the 20-yard line for red-zone offense during the controlled scrimmage.

Furthermore, the first-team offense, which played exclusively against the second- team defense, managed one rushing yard on 19 attempts.

"At the beginning, it was horrible," UCLA right guard Shannon Tevaga said. "We had a lot of free guys coming up the middle. We didn't block the guys. We were calling to the wrong (linebacker). We just made a lot of mental mistakes. We went to the wrong linebackers, hitting the wrong linemen, running the wrong way. Once we cleaned that up, we started clicking."

Olson finished 7 of 16 for 84 yards and threw an 18-yard touchdown to Marcus Everett. Olson was sacked four times.
Cowan was even worse. He was 4 of 13 for 27 yards and threw  two interceptions. Per Dohn his firs throw was a pick 6, which Keyes took it to the House.

The QBs are trying to put their best faces on all this mess. BO is optimistic about the off season:
Olson was anointed Thursday as UCLA's starting quarterback, then banned from talking about it until after Friday's scrimmage, with Patrick Cowan ticketed for clipboard duties during games this fall.

"Hopefully this will allow me to assume a leadership role that I wasn't able to take before when I wasn't sure whether I would be in there," said Olson, who will be a junior. "This will give me confidence to take the lead."

That, the Bruins hope, will allow Olson to fulfill the potential laid at his feet after several high school "player of the year" honors as a senior at Thousand Oaks High in 2001-02.

"He doesn't have to look over his shoulder for the first time here," defensive end Bruce Davis said. "He can play."
And Cowan is taking his demotion in stride:
"I practiced as if I was the starter last year and ended being the starter," said Cowan, a junior. "You always want to play, but it's not about me playing. It's about the Bruins being the best team.
However, their head coach continues to sound like a mediocre head coach who has nothing to say except to spout his usual tired, BS excuses (from the Dohn report linked above):
"Offensively, we've got a lot of work to do," UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said. "We put in a lot of information this spring, and we're not quite in sync yet. It's not quite there yet.

"You have to mention we didn't have (tailback) Chris Markey, we didn't have (receiver) Brandon Breazell, and we didn't have a couple of other guys that are part of that package in terms of giving us the personnel that you need, but that's no excuse for what you saw."
Uh huh sure Karl. Keep using those excuses of learning, growing and injuries. We have been hearing the same song for last four years from you.

The guy continues to sound like a joke of a football coach just like his joke of an offense.