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UCLA = A "Dream College"

The Princeton Review, a New York-based education services company, has released a survey reporting Top 10 'Dream Colleges' of students and parents.

In tallies of the survey's only fill-in-the-blank question, "What 'dream college' do you wish you could attend (or see your child attend) if acceptance or cost weren't issues?" the schools students most named were:

1) New York Univ.
2) Harvard
3) Stanford
4) Princeton
5) Columbia
6) Yale
8) Brown
9) Georgetown
10) Univ. of Pennsylvania

UCLA was on the only major public school in that list. The survey was based on responses from 4,594 college applicants and 1,260 parents of applicants. Here is the full release.

No JustSC wasn't mentioned anywhere in that release. I guess kids are not all that anxious to go some place for school where students/alums/fans think it is allright for their thuggish football team to joke around with graphics of swastika and black baby in chain.