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TrOJie Beatdown Roundup

Couple of Trojie related items to share today. First, our guys have kicked their sorry a$$es in yet another sport:

Since winning its first Lexus Gauntlet in 2003, UCLA has struck gold in each subsequent "odd" year in the all-sports competition with rival USC. The Bruins again reigned as No. 1 in 2005 - winning the battle for bragging rights in Los Angeles - and now are on the verge of the claiming the 2007 Lexus Gauntlet following a three-game sweep of USC Saturday night (Mar. 31) in men's volleyball.

Fourth-ranked UCLA exacted a measure of revenge against No. 12 USC over the weekend with its 30-27, 30-20, 30-26 victory at the Galen Center. Earlier this season, it was the Trojans that swept the Bruins, 3-0, at Pauley Pavilion. With the win, the Bruins gained 2.5 points toward the perpetual trophy presented by the Southern California Lexus Dealers.

UCLA has now built a 50-22.5 advantage in pursuit of the sixth annual Lexus Gauntlet and needs just 7.5 points to clinch the 150-pound, pewter-gilded crown jewel of L.A.'s storied cross-town rivalry. While the magic number to clinch the competition - 57.5 points - in sight for UCLA, 37.5 Gauntlet points do still remain up for grabs.
Meanwhile, while today's TrOJies keep losing on the court, yesterday's TrOJies continue to embarrass themselves off the court. The latest? Playboy has banned Reggie Bush from it's mansion. From the Wiz:
Former USC and Heisman Trophy winning tailback Reggie Bush has been banned from the Playboy Mansion, according to Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News.

Writes Wolf: "Our spies tell us former USC tailback Reggie Bush is persona non grata at the Playboy Mansion because of a conduct violation. And no, it was nothing involving a Playmate."

Bush, of course, is now a Saint. A New Orleans Saint. But it appears even a Saint can be sinner.
No one knows what this clown actually did to get himself banned. If any of you know the scoop let us or the wiz know.

BTW speaking of TrOJie scandals did anything ever happen to the black baby in chains scandal except for dismissing it as a mere joke. I was too wrapped up in Madness to pay a lot of attention. But now that summer (of Trojan scandals) we might as well start following up. Making fun of these (racists?) clowns never gets old.