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AA Leaning Towards Returning?

Some interesting tidbits from John Wilner's blog, College Hotline - at San Jose Mercury News. If you remember Wilner was Dohn's predecessor at the Daily News, before heading up to Northern California. He has some pretty good contacts within the UCLA athletic department. So this tidbit on AA was interesting:

Arron Afflalo was leaning towards the NBA but is now leaning towards coming back to school. That's what 34 scoreless minutes on the big stage will do to you.
Next couple of weeks are going to be interesting.

If I heard the podcast of Sonny Vacarro's appearance on 570 right he hinted at a mystery recruit may be joining UCLA in two weeks. Well, I think the deadline to decide whether AA will jump into the NBA draft picture will come in about two weeks. So, that may not be a total coincidence. Again, I am just speculating here. If AA leaves, maybe there will be some room in the program for someone named AL (or may be JL - rumors are swirling all over the place right now). But if AA decides to stay, then everything is going to remain stat. in terms of scholarship count, which right now is full.

Should be interesting how this unfolds. Kind of fun actually to be honest. We are in good shape.