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[UPDATED] Congrats Coach Keating ...

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UPDATED: So it's official. Dohn has the news including the reason why Keating picked Santa Clara over Long Beach State:

Keating's decision to go to Santa Clara means he will compete with Gonzaga and Pepperdine in the West Coast Conference.

He also was being pursued by Long Beach State, but sources said Keating was concerned about impending punishment, including scholarship reductions, from the NCAA for violations.

At Santa Clara, Keating takes over for Dick Davey, who was forced to resign after 15 seasons.
Congratulations again to Coach Keating. We wish him luck and lot of success. GO BRUINS. -N.

I wanted to write "Good Luck Coach Keating" in the title of this post. But given how the last story about him going to LBSU turned out, I will be a little cautious. Per Gary Parrish from Keating may be headed to Santa Clara:
With offers from Santa Clara and Long Beach State on the table late Wednesday, Kerry Keating knew he was going to be a head coach soon. The only question was where. But the UCLA assistant ended all speculation Thursday when he reached an agreement with Santa Clara to become the next Broncos coach, CBS has learned.

A formal announcement is expected in the next 48 hours.
I wished Coach Keating stuck around for one more year to be part of another Final-4 run. In that case at the end of next year he would have even more options than Santa Clara and LBSU. However, if this turns out to be the case we wish nothing but luck to Coach Keating. He has simply done an amazing job at UCLA for Coach Howland helping to land us some key recruits including Kevin Love. He has a well earned reputation of being one of the best recruiters in the country as well as one of the hardest working assistant coaches in college basketball.

It is great to see the Howland Coaching Tree continue to spread its roots around the world of college hoops. Another reason I prefer Keating in Northern California (as opposed to some place like LBSU) is that it keeps him away from our territory, while he can makes lives of Ben Braun and Trent Johnson interesting up in the Bay Area. Not to mention his tireless work may result in Santa Clara's emergence as an effective counter challenge to Gonzaga's dominance of the WCC.

Now replacing Keating will be a big challenge. However, the good thing is Coach Howland has some time since Coach Daniels, Karson, and Howland himself will be enough to cover the basketball tourneys (college coaches frequent to) in next few weeks. I am sure Coach Howland will have no shortage of candidates since many will be part of a program which is coming off back to back Final-4 appearances, and will be well positioned to make another run next season. Not to mention given how it has worked out with folks like Dixon, Ziegler, and Keating many will want to get some experience under one of the best coaches in nation.

In other words I am not all that worried. Things usually have a way of working out for Coach Howland.