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Jackie and Rachel

It's spring time. I imagine many of you are already wrapped up following your respective baseball teams. I am waiting to see posts from Ajax and Menalaus any day now pimping their beloved Halos. Meanwhile, we will all try to keep an eye on our own baseball team, as they continue to develop and emerge as a powerful program from the West Coast.

All that leads me to post this. A discussion between Charlie Rose and Rachel Robinson about one of the greatest Bruins Americans in our history:

Something I didn't know. Rachel Robinson and Jackie Robinson met each other ... where else ... (as students) at UCLA. The interview is a long one. But it starts of with the story of how they met at Kerkhoff Hall in 1941. She was a freshman. He was a senior (in her words already "the big man on campus." One of the reasons she liked him right away: he exuded confidence without any hint of arrogance.

Just a wonderful story. May be I can relate it to it a little bit personally considering I met Mrs. N in our freshman year at UCLA 50 years later.

Enjoy the video. If you are out at Jackie Robinson Stadium this evening make sure to fill us in on the details (if you can).