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Holiday Thoughts

As many of you know Jrue Holiday, the pg from Campbell Hall is one of key recruiting targets (class of 08) for Coach Howland. Recently this video of Holiday went up on youtube. The kid has all the right moves although at least on one occasion he did get messed up over a ridiculous cross-over by Larry Drew:

Obviously a lot of stressing out going on over Holiday's recruitments in UNC, Washington, and UCLA's recruiting boards.

Right now Washington probably leads slightly considering the fact Jrue's older brother Justin Holiday is going to play for the Huskies next year. However, it will be interesting to see how long UDub will stay in the lead in this recruiting derby.

Given Jrue's desire to play for a program that will compete for NCs, not sure why would he want to play for a program, which is probably on the downswing. They are losing Spencer Hawes to the NBA. I don't think they are going to challenge UCLA any time in the coming years for a conference crown. Their competition will probably be Wazzu and Stanford. WSU will be better with their returning players with more experience under Bennet's system. Stanford will have more experience too. There is also an improving ASU program under Sendek. Plus there is always that dirty program from South Central. So Washington may be looking at a sixth of seventh placed finish again next season in the Pac-10.

So if Jrue is really intent on playing for a program with banner inspirations he will probably narrow his choice down to UCLA or UNC. And when he looks at UCLA he may see how Bruin guards are catching those bombs from Kevin Love for easy layups. If he wants to emerge as a superstar playing in a national championship team right in front his family, he would be smart to sign up as one of the latest Ben Ball warrior. We will see how it all turns out.