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Fan Appreciation Day At Spaulding Field

It was fan appreciation day this past Saturday at UCLA. Ben Olson missed the action because of a slightly pulled hamstring. But PC was in the middle of it:

Photo Credit: Daven Hill

Brian Dohn was also there. Apparently there was a huge fan showing at Spalding Field, which UCLA administration was not totally ready for:

It was fan appreciation day and Spaulding Field was packed. So much so UCLA would have been better off holding it at Drake Stadium because I talked to a number of fans who complained about not being able to see much because there weren't enough bleachers, so fans were lined up about six or seven deep along the sides.

It was so packed that fans also complained about having to wait so long to get parking passes at the guard booth, and also about having to wait in line to get in. At one point, resident grown-up cheerleader Geoffrey Strand got on the microphone and told the crowd UCLA didn't expect such a big turnout, and basically said the school was overwhelmed in trying to handle the crowd.
Hmmmm. Considering there is this much interest in a program which hasn't come close to competing for a Pac-10 championship under it's current coaching regime, can you imagine the possibilities for this program if UCLA actually hires an above average football coach (you know someone who wouldn't be considered as a lower tier head coach in the Pac-10 coaching ranks) who is going to bring home a Pac-10 championship?

I think we will see even more buzz around the program next year if it gets the job done this season (winning the Pac-10 championship) or brings in a proven head coach (like a Ben Howland of college football) next season. There is so much upside to a program which has gone to 11 Rose Bowls and well we have written about our football tradition before. It's just a matter of having a leader like Ben Howland who will coach the program to its fullest potential. And given there is this much interest in a seven win program which got its ass kicked in a shitty bowl game by a washed up Bowden program, imagine the kind of attention and excitement it would generate if it was led by a credible head coach in full command and control of his program ala Ben Howland. Just saying.