St. Louis University Makes Rick Majerus Its Next Head Coach

The Lizard's Mate Gets a Real Job

There was a time when I thought Rick Majerus would be the perfect coach to replace the Lizard of Westwood and to bring our program back to prominence.

That was before he took the sc job, backed away from the sc job, and then teamed with that very same Lizard to denigrate Ben Ball in his commentaries.

Congratulations Mr. Majerus (borrowing 71's convention of reserving "coach" for people I respect). Now that you can't hide behind your microphone, here are some challenges for you:

Hire the Lizard. Yes, hire the Lizard. You seemed quite compatible in front of the camera. You really never challenged his BS. If you believe it, prove it. Put him in control of part of your future.

And, then, I'd like to see the 2 of you schedule some games against UCLA. Don't think much of what we do? Put your players where your mouth is (Oops! not a fit metaphor in this case, he might try to eat them.)

Actually, I hope the TV Majerus becomes Coach Majerus. He made solid contributions in that role and I hope this job helps him get back to where he was before the bright lights seemed to melt his credibility.

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