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Three Sports Roundup

bstreet brought attention to this post in a thread which blew up earlier this week. Jason over at What's Bruin Dawg has a really interesting post on Academic Progress Report (APR) in college football and UCLA. Apparently for the all the hype we hear from Dorrell backers about how he is putting together a "clean and intelligent" program apparently UCLA football program's APR rates lower than a number of schools from SEC and lower than Southern Cal. Once again Jason exposes KD as a mediocre head coach in all departments including the academic health of his football program:

But even more surprising is how relatively low UCLA is in the APR rankings. For running a supposed 'clean and intelligent' program, Karl Dorrell sure doesn't seem to be doing much better than a miediocre job at making sure his student-athletes stay in school. Ah, Dorrell and mediocrity. They go together like fried and chicken.

The numbers paint an interesting picture of the two conferences: but the point here isn't that one conference is 'better' than the other; rather, it's that for all the guff that the SEC gets for not making sure their students are receiving an education, by and large, they're doing a pretty good job of it.

Better, on average, than UCLA, apparently.
I'd like to hear some explanation from Dorrell supporters on this. What the heck is going on here? If this is Dorrell's supposed strong point and his program rates lower than Pom Pom's thugs and SEC's semi-professional programs, than exactly what has he accomplished as a head football coach in Westwood? I guess he looks good when he bounces off the first pitch in a soft ball game.

Anyways moving on to happier topics - sports led by competent coaches - a huge weekend for UCLA baseball. From CSTV:
Leading Off:

After taking a week off for final exams, the Sun Devils return home for a huge three-game series with Pac-10 leading UCLA. The Bruins are ranked 10th in the nation and took two of three from Cal last weekend in Los Angeles before beating Pepperdine on Tuesday. They are 28-19.

The Sun Devils vs. The Bruins:

ASU leads the all-time series with UCLA 100-60. The Bruins took two of three from the Devils last season at Jackie Robinson Stadium in Los Angeles.

Lights, Camera, Action!:

Saturday night's game will be televised by FSN Arizona. Barry Tompkins and Jerry Kindall will be on the call. This is the third game FSN has televised this season, having already broadcast a game at USC and at home vs. Stanford.
While in the world of college basketball some analysts are starting to see the obvious after Howland's signing of his latest Ben Ball warrior:
As noted in this space previously, the Bruins got a verbal commitment Monday from consensus five-star prospect Drew Gordon, a 6-foot-10, 210-pound native of San Jose who is entering his senior year at Archbishop Mitty High. Seldom do schools land more than one program-changing big man in the same four-year recruiting cycle -- yet Gordon will be enrolling in the Westwood school just one year behind 6-foot-9, 245-pound pivotman Kevin Love, the top-ranked prospect from the Class of 2007. I'm not alone in thinking the Pac-10 could be reduced to a race for second place over the next decade if Ben Howland keeps stockpiling blue chips.
Once again Howland's program in "great shape" both off and on the court.