Baron Davis on AK 47

Uh wow.

Wow. Just read the story a little while ago over coffee in the Post:

Baron Davis signaled the Golden State Warriors' arrival in the Western Conference finals when he climbed Utah Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko -- and his spiked haircut -- for an emphatic dunk and taunted him with a jersey-popping celebration. About 30 minutes later, Davis spotted Kirilenko coming out of the postgame interview room and apologized.

"No problem," Kirilenko said, as he shook hands and shared a shoulder hug with Davis. "I was late."

Davis was sorry for showing up Kirilenko, but he certainly felt no remorse for the one-handed slam that teammate and former slam dunk champion Jason Richardson called "the greatest dunk I've seen, with my eyes, in person." After losing two close games in Utah, the Warriors needed a win badly, and Davis led them to victory, scoring 32 points with nine assists as the Warriors moved within 2-1 in this best-of-seven series with a 125-105 victory at Oracle Arena.

"He was terrific," Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan said of Davis. "As a point guard, he had as great a game as you would see. I hate that he had it against us."

Davis had spent most of the night playing as if he were in a video game, constantly pressing the spin button on his hand-held controller to break free of defenders. He split Derek Fisher and Mehmet Okur with a spin move and zipped a pass to a cutting Stephen Jackson for layup in the third quarter. Davis later dipped into the lane, did a pirouette and bumped into Okur's chest before nailing an off-balance layup off the glass.

But late in the fourth, Davis spotted Kirilenko. Instead of spinning around him, Davis went over him. "It seemed like he put his whole body in the rim with that dunk," said Richardson, who scored 25 points and hit five of the Warriors' 15 three-pointers.

Afterward, Davis untucked his jersey, lifted it, then raised his arms as he stared down Kirilenko. "I got lucky," Davis said with a laugh. The way Baron Davis is representing ... has been simply amazing.


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