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The whole nation right now is abuzz over B'Diddy's posterization over AK-47. But as The Big Lead on AOL's Fanhouse points out that incredible dunk wasn't even Baron's best ever.

Baron's best slam ever? Well lot of us here remember this:

and this:

TBL speculates what would have been had Baron didn't have knee problems at UCLA. The real question is what would have Baron (and Watson, Gadzuric, Rush, Moiso, Barnes et al) done had he gotten the opportunity to play for a real coach like Howland at UCLA?

In any event its all good now. We have Howland. UCLA basketball is healthy again. For those Bruins who also happen to be Warrior fans if you can't get enough of Baron over here BN make sure to check out our colleagues over at Golden State of Mind. They are on fire.