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Bruins Hoops ROCKING in The Bay Area

So the Golden State Bruins stumbled in their last game and they are on life support down 1-3. Yet I still can't get enough of stories like this one on Baron and Matt playing together and raising the profile of UCLA:

[E]ight years removed from when they were college teammates, Davis and Barnes are part of the NBA's most unbelievable story.

"It's great and it's exciting to be playing with Matt again," Davis said. "It's like we're back living our UCLA days."

The Warriors' playoff performance has enthralled others.

"Because of them, I've turned into a fan and that's hard for a NBA player to say," said Seattle SuperSonics guard Earl Watson, who played with Davis and Barnes at UCLA. "Not only are the Warriors good, but they're fun to watch. Baron has dominated every game and Matt's playing the way he played his senior year at UCLA, when he did everything -- score, play defense, rebound, pass. I'm so happy for those guys, and because I'm so close to them, I've been tempted to show up at a game with a Golden State jersey on."
That was from the OC Register detailing BD having a sensational playoffs:
Davis arguably has been the most outstanding player in the NBA playoffs, his only legitimate rival being Cleveland's LeBron James. Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki is expected to officially be named Tuesday as the league's 2006-07 MVP. However, as far as the "We Believe" contingent of Golden State fans and Davis' teammates feel, he is the MVP of the moment. Even if Warriors coach Don Nelson declined to say what many others wholeheartedly believe.

Davis is averaging 26.9 points, 6.3 assists and 5.2 rebounds in the playoffs. He is shooting 54 percent from the field and has had four 30-point-plus scoring outings in nine games. But it is the way he has taken over games and the mind-boggling plays that he has made that stand out.
and Matt emerging as one of  key catalysts in Warrior's great run:
Barnes has been a linchpin for the Warriors. He has played an all-purpose role as a starter, sixth man, a scorer when Davis and co-captain Jason Richardson missed numerous games because of injuries, a distributor and a hustler extraordinaire.

Barnes averaged 9.8 points and 4.6 rebounds during the regular season and has fattened those numbers to 11.2 points and 5.6 rebounds in the playoffs. Although Barnes has started three of the nine playoff games, Nelson prefers to bring him off the bench for the energy that he provides to the Warriors' thin second unit. But for three consecutive playoff games, Barnes averaged 42 minutes.
Just one problem with the article. It ends with this:
"Golden State is a perfect fit for those two players, with a coach that takes advantages of the skills they offer," former UCLA coach Steve Lavin said. "Baron's game was tailor-made for the NBA back when I first saw him play in high school. He's as skilled and as entertaining a player that I've ever had a chance to coach or to watch. Baron played so well against Dallas and was so dominant that I believe he took away their confidence.
It is really amazing that a gasbag like Steve Lavin is actually sought out to provide thoughts on these two Bruins. These two guys have gone on to become successful despite his negilgent coaching. In fact there are so many stories out there basically asserting that one of the reasons Baron left Westwood early because he did not want anything to do with Lavin after two tumultous and leaderless years under Lavin. And there was Barnes who developed his skills despite being benched and neglected under Lavin's wasteful coaching who was taking mintues away from Barnes so he could give them out to pets like Sean "lucky charm" Farnham and Billy Knight. Lavin cost these two kids (and others who were unfortunate to play for him) millions of dollars and now he has the audacity to opine on their successes like a shameless pr!ck?

Anyways lets not let a fraud like Lavin spoil all the fun. As always we wish best of luck to Baron and to Matt for continued success. I will say it while they have taken Bay Area by storm, it sure is helping to raise the profile or UCLA basketball, creating a perfect storm for Coach Howland who is starting to reel in blue chips recruits who are getting enamored by Howland's recents runs and the successes of the former Bruins in the NBA. After all may be its a not a total coincidence Howland's latest recruit - Drew Gordon - happen to live near the backyard of Baron and Matt. And it was also the same backyard (Bay Area) which Bruins used as a key launching pad to punch their tickets for their last two Final-4s. See it all fits together in the world of UCLA basketball.