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!!!!!!!!!!~One Hundred (100)~!!!!!!!!!!


Worth the wait. The night belongs to Emily Feher (below) and her team-mates from UCLA womens' water polo program. They just beat Stanford and brought home CHAMPIONSHIP NUMBER 100:

Photo Credit: Jack Rosenfeld aka Bruin Civil

From all account it sounded like an intense, competitive, nerve wracking game. Bruins went up by a score 3-0 and stayed up the whole game. But as you can tell by the live updates (and our special game thread) Stanford being the great team they are kept making their own runs and closed the game within 5-4. Feher was golden making one clutch saves/stops after another.

Number 100 is now ours. And we can officially call UCLA the greatest program in the history of college athletics.

The greatest school ever.

UPDATE (Nestor):

Go to the official site to check out the entry page for the Most Accomplished Athletic Program in NCAA History

UPDATE II (Menelaus):

The wait is over. UCLA has reached an amazing milestone, capturing their 100th NCAA national championship.

The woman's water polo team, winners of NCAA championships in 2005 and 2006, make it three in a row to reach trip-dig for UCLA.

The lady Bruins got it done with a 5-4 nailbiting win against first seeded Stanford. With the win, the Bruins have won the national title in an astounding five of the last seven years, having also won it all in 2001 and 2003.

This is also coach Adam Krikorian's eighth NCAA championship in nine years as head coach of both the men's and women's water polo teams. With the exception of 2002, Krikorian has not gone a full year without winning at least one NCAA championship since he took over as head coach in 1999.

It's an amazing day for the lady Bruins. Congratulations to them on a well deserved national championship.

I know we've been hoping for this one for a little while. But let's not lose perspective about what this means. UCLA has won 100 freaking national championships.

That's 1-0-0, one-hundred. Only 2 other schools even have over 50. Amazing.