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The Dynasty of the Water World

We are going to end this glorious Monday with yet another post on our wizards of the waterworld. We can't get enough of the program which has emerged as the latest dynasty in Westwood. Apparently Los Alamitos was packed with UCLA fans on Sunday night. Along with Ed here at BN two other Bruin alums were kind enough to share us links from their photo galleries. Daven was clicking away to capture all the action and Bruin celebration in the pool:

Photo Credit: Daven Hill

While Jack captured some incredible shots of the latest champions from Westwood by the pool. Here is another shot of our champions raising the trophy:

Photo Credit: J Rosenfeld

And that sweet "First to 100" logo:

Photo Credit: J Rosenfeld

If you can't get enough of these pictures make sure to click here and here from Bruin Report Online.

Thanks again to Dave and Jack for sharing with us those wonderful pictures.