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A Year of Celebration ...

Once again congrats to our womens' waterpolo team for bringing home number 100:

Photo Credit: Edward Lin

It's a HUGE PARTY and UCLA plans to celebrate all through 07-08:

UCLA will celebrate the 100 NCAA championships throughout the 2007-08 school year with presentations of former-student athletes and coaches representing the championship teams at various athletic events, including football and men's basketball.

In addition, UCLA has produced a special "First to 100" logo that will be placed on various sport uniforms as well as on printed materials during the upcoming school year.
Of course it was the Krikorian's squad who had the honor to unveil that logo yesterday evening at Los Alamitos:

Photo Credit: Edward Lin

As M eloquently posted last night this is amazing in so many levels. Yet what is so incredibly refreshing is to hear the sense of humility from our players and coachs:
UCLA became the first team in the seven-year history of the NCAA Women's Water Polo Championships to three-peat, recording a 5-4 triumph Sunday over Stanford at Joint Forces Army Base. The victory helped UCLA become the first school to win 100 NCAA team championships.

"To be the first school to win 100 NCAA team championships is a great tribute to all of the outstanding student-athletes, coaches and support staff who call UCLA home," Guerrero said. "UCLA has a rich athletic history and it is important to remember and celebrate those who built the foundation and earned the early championships, as well as those who have contributed to the recent successes."

UCLA's victory secured its fifth NCAA women's water polo crown and ninth in program history, giving the university 121 total national championships (including non-NCAA titles). Bruins coach Adam Krikorian has been involved in 13 of those titles, including nine as head coach of the men's and women's water polo programs.

"I'm happy for the department and I'm happy for UCLA because it's all the UCLA fans talk about," said Krikorian, who played on the Bruins' 1995 men's water polo championship team. "But as many championships as we've won, no one lets it get to their head. The greatest thing about UCLA is everybody associated with the UCLA athletic department, from the coaches, to the players to the administrators, and how humble they are.

"When you're friends with Sue Enquist, who has (10) championships, and my office is next to Al Scates, who has (19) championships, I can't speak. But it's just a great thing for these girls to be a part of."
Adam is of course being gracious. We will just call him the latest "Wizard of the Waterworld," who has done an incredible job succeeding - Guy Baker - the original "Wizard of Waterworld."

Just to give you a perspective on how UCLA became the most accomplished athletic program in the history of college sports let's take you back to the official site:
UCLA won its first NCAA team title in 1950 in the sport of men's tennis. In fact, seven of UCLA's first eight titles were in men's tennis, the other coming in men's track and field.

In 1964, UCLA's NCAA title explosion began. In the ensuing six years, it won seven more NCAA championships, including five in men's basketball. In each of the next three years - 1969-70 through 1971-72, UCLA won four team championships - and added three more in 1972-73. In that four-year span, the Bruins won four titles in basketball, three each in men's water polo, men's volleyball and men's track and field and two in men's tennis.

As the 1980s began, UCLA had earned 39 NCAA team championships. In 1981-82, the NCAA began awarding championships in women's sports in addition to men's and UCLA's successful women's program began contributing to the title count. That first year, UCLA won five NCAA titles, three in men's sports and two in women's sports.

As the 1989-90 school year began, UCLA had increased its total of championships to 62, giving the school 23 in the previous decade. By the end of the 1998-99 school year, the total had increased to 79.

Since the start of the 1999-2000 academic year, UCLA has captured 21 championships, pushing the total to 100.
And there is no SLOWING DOWN now. We are just getting started. It is an amazing feeling to be a Bruin and revel in all of it.