[UPDATED] An Ignorant & Chauvinistic Trojan Pig

That is the only way I can describe this bufoon from the OC Register who wrote up an article attempting to discredit the achievements of all the incredible athletes at UCLA:

Impressive, 100 championships certainly are. That's a nice round number. Then again, so is zero -- the roundest of them all, in fact -- and also the total number of football championships won by the Bruins since 1955.

Isn't that the real way colleges are compared on the sports pages, by who beat who on Saturday and who outranked who on Sunday? Especially in this town, where everyone knows the name of USC's backup quarterback even as the Bruins themselves struggle to name their startingquarterback?

Sorry, UCLA boosters. Sorry to mention the four-letter word USC in a story about Bruins brilliance. But it's hard to escape the shadow of Trojans football, especially with the season opener lurking only 108 days away.

For sure, the letters NCAA don't mean as much as they used to, back before we learned the letters BCS. Fittingly, because of the way the sport decides its champion, football isn't even counted among these NCAA title totals.

What an incredible classless a$$hole.

I urge all of you to go this link and fill up his comment section.

I cannot emphasize how that article came across as  someone who is nothing short of a demeaning, sexist pos who still thinks he is living in a different century.

Not to mention this guy is a moron and wrong in his arguments.  Just because other schools around the country don't care about certain sports doesn't diminish the accomplishments of our well rounded athletic programs.

We have no reason to apologize for it and if anything should be educating these ignorant and chauvinistic (Trojan?) pigs about how incredibly gifted all of our athletes and how significant it is to strive for excellence in ever sports (plus academics).

Also the doofus completely misses the point that UCLA is hardly a weak sister in football. N has posted about our football tradition before.

Bruins have nothing to apologize for. Sure just like everyone else I want our football program to do better but that doesn't mean I am going to apologize for our 100 NCs.

Again take your time go to his piece and educate this ignorant and chauvinistic Trojan pig by filling up his comment section.

UDPATE: Holy macro the comment section is filling up! It's already running into second page. Bruin fans are letting this tool here it but what is really interesting is fans from other school tearing into this moron. It includes a Cal fan:

I did not even attend UCLA, but I'm insulted by this pathetic excuse for a high school paper column. Every person who has ever called themselves an athlete should be insulted. There isn't a legitimate argument made in the entire piece. You get paid for this garbage? If I was your editor I'd fire you on the spot for implying that this is the quality of journalism that passes for content at my paper. Do you have such contempt for the concept of the student athlete that you openly denigrate the accomplishments of thousands of individuals? It's clear you went to USC, who couldn't care less about the academic standards of their athletes, but at least pretend like it matters to you. Then people might take anything you say seriously. "Finding context for this piece of sports history isn't easy. So many factors. Differences in year-round weather. Number of sports played. Opportunities provided women athletes." So, you're saying that UCLA's accomplishments should be invalidated because they provided more opportunities for female athletes? Maybe that kind of backwards, meat-head logic works in Orange County, but in the real world, fairness and equality are generally celebrated. This "article" is exactly what I'd expect out of a Trojan in Orange County.

Go Bears - May 16, 2007 10:22:24 AM

And even a Trojie: Dear Jeff, Thank you for making my younger sister, who is on the USC volleyball team, almost cry. Thank you for suggesting that the excitement and pride we have in our up-and-coming men's basketball team is worthless. Thank you for pointing out that our No. 3 ranking overall in team championships and No. 1 ranking overall in men's team championships don't mean a thing. Thank you for denigrating our baseball and track and field national championships. Thank you for giving bRuins fans another reason to believe that Bushgate could only have been exposed from a news group such as Yahoo because the local media is so biased towards SC. Lastly, thank you for proving you're not only tactless, but also an idiot. Why? Because only an idiot would argue that SUNDAY rankings are the only things that matter, considering that the rankings come out on MONDAYS. Looks to me that you know as little about SC as you do UCLA. FIGHT ON!

Trojan Pride - May 16, 2007 12:25:29 PM

Good to know there is at least some sense of decency left in some parts of Trojie community that is otherwise too preoccupied with worshipping the plundering bunch of (alleged) criminals from its football program.

Go Bruins!!!

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