ESPN All Access: KD sounds like, ....well KD

Just watched the ESPN All Access segment on our Bruins. As I feared, (and I'm sure no surprise to anyone here on BN), KD pretty much sounded like a bumbling, stumbling, cliche-dropping idiot. Here's a few of the gems:

KD: "You have to utilize your experience of what it took to win that type of game ('SC)...and...we've learned from that, and we've learned what not to do from the results of that." Huh?

KD: "We're trying to build that practice attitude of being very competitive...and (stutters) playing with your best rep, each time you get a rep to do something."   What?

KD: "They're understanding that, it takes them to be hard on achieve great things." Ooooh, that's inspiring!

KD: "The image of UCLA in tradition...tradition was...kinda put on the backburner for a little bit...and now has re-emerged...I've helped bring that process back to (stutters) to the forefront." WTF?

There we were on the national stage, a chance to showcase our program, and this is the type of dialogue we get from our "coach"???? Did KD actually graduate from UCLA? I can't even make sense of what he's saying! On the bright side, at least Horton and Joseph sounded coherent and articulate. And at the end, Mark May said this:

"With 20 returning starters, they should win at least 10 games, possibly more"

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