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Spring Shots

I know we can get caustic about our football program around this neck of the (Bruin)woods. However, it is always great to see pictures of UCLA football. Many of you were at Friday night's scrimmage last week. Although the reports from that scrimmage were not encouraging, the coaching staff still has the off-season and summer camp to get things right, before they get their last chance to win the Pac-10 this upcoming season.

So with that in mind wanted to share with you couple of pretty cool pictures from the scrimmage courtesy of "BruinCivil" Ben Olson didn't have a spectacular scrimmage, but we expect Dorrell and Norvell to coach him to up to be confident, poised, upperclassman QB in control this upcoming season:

There is also Patrick Cowan, who will always be available to provide backup should the need arrives this upcoming season:

Again keep in mind Bruins reached the Rose Bowl with Wayne Cook at QB. Its a no brainer that BO is way more talented in terms of sheer athleticism than Cook. I think in terms of athleticism Cowan is also ahead of Cook. So if Bruins could get it done with Cook, we will not want to hear any excuses about our QB position next year.

Back to those pictures ... if you want to see more great shots from spring scrimmage check out Wizard of Odds and this thread over at BRO. Once again great pictures and a huge thanks to Bruin Civil for letting us share his shots with rest of BN