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Monday Bruin Roundup

Lets start with baseball. The baseball team finally ended their losing streak yesterday salvaging one game in its three game series against the WSU Cougars. Bruins rallied in the 8th to pull out a big win:

The UCLA baseball team defeated Washington State, 7-5, Sunday afternoon under cloudy skies at Bailey-Brayton Field. Second baseman Alden Carrithers led the Bruins' offense, hitting 4-for-5 with a career-high four runs. Freshman left-hander Gavin Brooks (4-6) earned the victory, limiting the Cougars to five runs (two earned) and seven hits in 7 2/3 innings.

Right-hander Garett Claypool notched his fourth save, pitching 1 1/3 scoreless innings. Washington State left-hander Ross Humes (3-3) absorbed the loss, surrendering three runs (two earned) and three hits in one inning of relief.

Right fielder Gabe Cohen and first baseman Cody Decker each hit 3-for-4. Decker tied his career high with three hits and added two RBI. Designated hitter Casey Haerther hit 2-for-5, totaling two hits for the second consecutive day.

Trailing 4-2 in the eighth inning, UCLA rallied with four runs to claim a 6-4 lead. Carrithers scored the first run of the inning on a double to left-center by Cohen. Haerther's single to center sent home Decker. Catcher Ryan Babineau delivered the tie-breaking hit with a bases-loaded infield single. Babineau's base-hit drove home left fielder Will Penniall and Haerther scored on a throwing error by second baseman Jeff Miller.
Hopefully this victory will give them some desperately needed momentum heading into season's last series at home against defending NCAA Champion Oregon State. If the Bruins can finish out the season on a strong note they may find themselves in position to do some damage in the NCAA tournament.

Speaking of NCAA tournaments and championships big props to everyone here for throughly dismantling the Trojan clown from the OC Register for writing possibly stupidest article of 2007. Jason over at What's Bruin, Dawg piled on. Even SMQ chimed in a with a pretty good take on a worthless post from a run of the mill Trojan jerk.

And speaking of football CalPolyBruinFan has written up an analysis of DeWayne Walker's 2006 defense over at Bruin Roar. It's a good break down but I don't think the conclusion will surprise anyone. Did the Bruin defense improve last year? Well given the atrocious defensive performance of 2005 there was nowhere really to go but up. So in terms of numbers Bruins improved a lot and clocked in with some memorable performances which includes great games against teams like Notre Dame and Southern Cal that features pro-set defense. At the same time though Walker still has a lot to prove given how he got completely hosed by teams that run more wide open college offenses such as Cal and Oregon. So if he is really all that as some of the Bruin fans (lot of them are Dorrell lovers) would like us to believe than we would think we would see Bruin defense shutting down all kinds of offenses not just the predictable pro set offenses that teams like Notre Dame and Southern Cal feature. As we have said already none of that hype is going to matter of the team fails to win the Pac-10 and beat Southern Cal this upcoming season. I think all of us have had enough of off-season hype under Karl Dorrell for last four years. Its about time for him to ya know ... actually produce at least a conference championship.