Derrick Williams career over

UCLA has issued the following press release:

UCLA fifth-year senior running back Derrick Williams' career has ended. Williams missed most of Spring Practice due to a concussion and has suffered multiple concussions during the past few seasons. Williams made the decision to take a 'medical retirement' and that decision was supported by his family, the UCLA coaches and the UCLA medical staff.

Williams will stay in school, on medical scholarship, and is on schedule to earn his degree in December.

Best wishes Derrick Williams and good luck. I always thought you had a world of talent and its sad to see injuries end a promising career. I was really looking forward to seeing Derrick carry the ball this year.

I haven't hit 200 words yet, but I do think this is important news. Hopefully some of the RB recruits will see the opportunity to play that exists here rather than being 6th on the depth chart at SUC. Ray Carter should get some carries next year.

I wish I were a more wordy writer. I don't have much more to say other than this news, but I must write more in order to get it published.  I could comment on the new Sopranos season, which I find depressing, or I could recommend Langers as the best Deli in SoCal, or I could talk about how I think we will not only win women's tennis, but one ofthe golf titles this year to finish at 102 in 2007.

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