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Questions ...

Over at ESPN Ted Miller, who covers the Pac-10 beat for the WWL has a post spring write up with "spring answers" and "Fall Questions" for all the conference teams. Here are Ted's questions for Karl Dorrell's mediocre football program:

Fall questions: 1. Is the offensive this bad? The Bruins laid an egg most of spring and were particularly impotent during the spring game, scoring only a field goal before being placed into red-zone situations. That could be growing pains with a new coordinator or it could be ...

2. Is the defense this good? With 10 starters back from a defense that led the conference stopping the run and was second in scoring -- and throttled USC -- it's hard to imagine this unit won't be among the nation's best.

3. Is this OL good enough? Four starters are back on the line, but that might not necessarily be a good thing. Though they were adequate in pass protection, the line struggled to consistently open holes for the tailbacks.

4. Walker away: Considering he transformed the personality and production of a unit in just one year, it's fairly obvious that defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker is a hot coaching property. Notre Dame's Charlie Weis tried to lure him away, but Walker is likely holding out for a head coaching job.

5. Will the Bruins build on last year's victory over USC or more resemble the bunch that choked in their bowl game? Last year the Bruins were infuriatingly inconsistent, losing to teams like Washington and Washington State while beating the Trojans and Oregon State. The same focus and intensity has to be present every week.
Well there better be that same focus and intensity every da*n week (we saw against the Trojies). Otherwise we will be asking a simple question over and over again which I am sure my colleague A will be asking a lot leading into this season:

If not now, when?

BTW we reserve the right to call Dorrell's program mediocre, below average etc. over and over again until he wins at least a Pac-10 championship.