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Tuesday Roundup [Underbelly Edition]

KD's underbelly is acting up again. Silverlake has already written about Derrick Williams ending his career because of injury issues. Best of luck to Derrick. Although his absence will not be enough if UCLA fails to produce a credible running game with senior Markey, junior Bell, sophomore Molie, and freshman Carter. Bruins may not have Heisman caliber talent on their roster but they have just enough to complement a talent like Ben Olson (and his able back) and come up with a balanced offense that will get the job done next season (that is if these guys are coached up).

Meanwhile, KD, the wide receiver could be losing one of his talented WRs who had the potential to emerge as a multi dimensional athlete in his program. McGee is thinking about leaving UCLA:

UCLA freshman receiver Jeremy McGee is pondering a transfer to a school close to his hometown in New Orleans, according to sources.

One reason for the transfer is that McGee wants to be closer to his dad, Alcie. McGee's mom, Genell, died during last season.

McGee did not catch a pass last season, but his main duty was kick returns. He had 11 returns for 204 yards and an 18.5-yards-per-carry average. McGee started at UCLA as a running back, then moved to defensive back and finally was moved to receiver, all in one season.

McGee missed part of spring football with a hamstring injury and part because he went home to deal with a personal matter.

According to sources, Louisiana Tech, Alabama and Mississippi are among the schools McGee is considering. UCLA coaches are helping McGee with his request to transfer.
Given there is so much cynicism around Dorrell's pathetic program I am not sure I am going to buy the official line of McGee being homesick. It was no secret KD and his coaches completely failed to take advantage of McGee's talent last season. They were never sure how to use him putting him on both offense and defense. And given what a clusterf*ck Dorrell's offense turned out to be McGee's talent was never utilized on offense. Could it be after spring practices McGee can see the writing on the wall and see KD's offense under the new OC is still a predictable joke like it was under the previous 3 OCs during the Dorrell era?

Meanwhile, programs that has no underbelly issues - UCLA's women's tennis - is going to competing for a NCAA championship today in Georgia. Lady Bruins beat number 1 Stanford Cardinals in the Final-4 to advance to championship game against no. 3 Georgia Tech:
Bruin sophomore Ashley Joelson rallied from a set down at No. 4 singles to help the No. 12-seeded UCLA women's tennis team knock off top-seeded Stanford, 4-2 in the NCAA Semifinals on Monday at the University of Georgia's Dan Magill Tennis Complex. With the win, the Bruins (21-7) move on to the championship match where they will face third-seeded Georgia Tech (28-4) on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. (EST). The Yellow Jackets advanced with a 4-2 victory over No. 10 Cal on Monday. Tuesday's final can be seen live on ESPNU.
Good luck to our women's team. Once again another athletic program showing how pathetic Dorrell and Olivier's programs are in comparison to their peers in Westwood.

And speaking of pathetic clowns Wizard has a post on Sanjaya in a UCLA/Chargers (?) football jersey flanked by ladies in UCLA gear.

Photo Source: The Wiz

Honestly as bad it looks he doesn't look any worse than a KD coached UCLA football team when they are embarrassing the football program in some sh!tty bowl game in December.