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Are Karl Dorrell and Bruins Nation on the Same Page re 2007-2008?

Well, what do you know?  Turns out that we here at BN may not be so "unreasonable" or "unfair" regarding our expectations for the 2007-2008 football season after all. It looks like Bruins Nation and Karl Dorrell are on the same page for the first time since this blog's humble beginnings. We have received an Email from a reader who attended An Evening With the Coaches put on by the Orange County Bruins last night where coaches Howland and Dorrell were the featured guests.  Apparently, coach Dorrell said the following about the upcoming football season:

Beating SC and winning the Pac 10 is a realistic expectation.

Say Wha....? Maybe Dorrell is coming around and has bought into our theme for this year, that is--If not now, when? Maybe he realizes that a team like his with a potential top 5 defense and enough offensive weapons to outscore most teams should win its conference and beat Southern Cal.

I'd love to see some feedback from those of you (especially certain South Eastern Conference universities with mascots that resemble crocodiles) that blog-attacked Nestor and the rest of BN for setting forth what appears to be the very same expectations for the upcoming season as those held by Karl Dorrell.

If you didn't subscribe to our expectations before, does Dorrell's comment change your mind?

Again, we'd love to hear from any readers that attended.