Timmeh's Gap Closing Rhodes Scholars Losers

Barnes2JJ posted this in the comment thread of silverlakebruin's post on Timmeh's gap closers ongoing implosion this off-season. I wanted to make sure everyone saw it since it was buried deep in that thread.

Apparently the real story behind Pruitt staying in the NBA draft is - get this - he is too dumb to make it through Senora Ross's courses at Southern Cal:

Gabe Pruitt, who recently hired an agent to make it impossible for him to return to USC basketball, did so after finding out he was academically ineligible based on his spring semester grades, according to coach Tim Floyd.

Floyd said that Pruitt could have applied for reinstatement and likely used summer school to regain his eligibility for the fall.

"He felt he was far enough along with the NBA that he would be taking away from his preparation for the draft and elected to sign with an agent and move on," Floyd said. Yeah summer school with Senora Ross. Sure Timmeh. It looks like SuC may have to pay a price. From Scott Wolf's DN blog: It might not seem important that USC guard Gabe Pruitt was academically ineligible following the spring semester because he turned pro anyways, but the Trojans could lose a scholarship next year if Pruitt's ineligibility lowers the team's Academic Progress Report score below acceptable limits.
``It's a possibility,'' USC coach Tim Floyd said.
The NCAA does not automatically penalize schools when an athlete turns pro early, if that athlete is in good academic standing. For example, Nick Young's early departure is not expected to hurt the Trojans' APR score.
The Trojans already fell below the minimum score of 925 (roughly 60 percent graduation rate) in this month's ratings but were not penalized because of a squad-size adjustments for sports with small rosters. Yeah like we are going to all hold our breath for the NCAA to come down on this bunch of losers.

I wonder how come I hadn't seen any recent articles in the LAT by Ben Bolch writing how Timmeh is closing the gap building a hoops rivalry in Tinsel town in the caliber of Duke-UNC. Silence is deafening.

Go Bruins!!!

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