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This weekend I imagine all of us at some point or another are going to take time to honor the incredible men and women have served and sacrifice for our country.

To mark this occasion I wanted to share with you stories of some incredible Bruins who have served our country:

In 2002, right before leaving for boot camp, Okechukwu Ihenacho called his parents in Nigeria and told them he had enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. He said they were not thrilled but told him he could go on one condition - that he would eventually finish his education.

Four years later, to make good on his promise, Ihenacho enrolled at UCLA as a third-year cognitive science transfer student and active duty Marine.

Ihenacho and several other Marines and soldiers attend UCLA as part of programs designed by the Armed Forces to allow enlisted servicemen and -women to attend college, earn their degrees, and return as commissioned officers.

Ihenacho said he and other servicemen and -women who have seen active duty in Iraq often return to school with a developed sense of focus and discipline.

Brian Collins, a third-year political science student, has been serving in the Marine Corps for many years and has served two six-month tours in Iraq.

He served in Fallujah in central Iraq in 2004 during what he calls one of the biggest urban battles since Vietnam, and patrolled the Shat al-Arab river to prevent oil and arms smuggling in 2003.

Now, he takes classes and continues to receive benefits as part of a Marine Corps program to receive a college degree and remain in active duty at the same time.
Go and read the whole story over at the Daily Bruin.

From our little corner in the internets world we would like salute the efforts of Okechukwu Ihenacho, Brian Collins, and all their colleagues in our armed forces (and the sacrifices of their families).

They are our heroes.