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Beating Southern Cal & Winning the PAC-10

For a little while there I was posting those clips of Southern Cal games from that 8 game streak. Since last few days we have had a lot of discussion concerning our expectations for next season (and now KD is apparently on board with BN - does he have a choice?) of beating Southern Cal and winning the Pac-10, I thought it was approp. to share the video from 1998 game:

Got to love the Foster's Freeze (4TDs). Does anyone here also wonder  about the comparison between the situations of Foster v. Bush. One guy gets excoriated and ultimately kicked off the team because he got help in leasing a SUV worth few thousand bucks, while another guy is still be celebrated despite his family allegedly taking in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of what amounted to free rent. Anyways ....

That was the last time Bruins beat Southern Cal and won the Pac-10. Dorrell in all likelihood will get one more chance to do it this season. If he can't get it done Bruins will need to get that done with another football coach.