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Bowden Gets It ...

Good to know not all national analysts are morons like Trev.

From Bowden's files on yahoo (emphasis mine):

I think this is a really big year for Karl Dorrell and his UCLA Bruins. Many people believe, including me, that UCLA has the ability to contend for the Pac-10 crown almost every year. I'm not saying the Bruins necessarily should knock USC off the top of the mountain, but if you asked me which two or three teams in the conference had the means to be in the top three every year I'd say UCLA would have to be one of them. Florida, Texas and Ohio State have shown us that schools with great tradition in one sport can excel in another sport as well. And if Dorrell is going to build a championship program at UCLA, it must start with a championship defense.
Looks like KD (and Walker) will have nowhere to hide this upcoming season. By the time Stanford game roll around it will become pretty well established if KD doesn't deliver at least a Pac-10 championship, he will be gone.