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Firing Back ...

Dump Dorrell fires right back at Trev Albert, quickly responding to his latest moronic take:

You are being shredded on the UCLA boards by UCLA "loonies" for continuing to write the kind of garbage about UCLA football that you wrote in you're most recent column.   Other CFB analysts have already put Karl Dorrell on the hot seat (all the folks at ESPN for example) but you continue to disregard Dorrell's record and flaunt your ignorance of it.  What's surprising is that this time you contradict yourself in your own column and you don't even recognize it.

You said about Nebraska's Callahan being on the hot seat:

"But to answer the question I think Bill Callahan is on the hot seat at Nebraska. They haven't beat anyone of substance. His record in three years is just not good. They've become a bad road team and lost to unranked teams. Callahan needs to produce a big year. He needs to win the Big 12 North. I think a step backward could be the end of his regime."

Karl Dorrell's 4 years are worse than Callahan's 3. After a 5-6 first year, Callahan went 8-4 his second year to a #24 ranking, and then 9-4 last year before losing to #9 Auburn by a field goal in the Cotton Bowl on Jan 1.   His record is 22-15, or .594. Karl Dorrell is 29-21, or .580, Winning on the road?  Karl Dorrell is a stupefying 1-10 on the road against teams with a winning record.  Overall, Callahan beats Dorrell on road record: 6-9 (.400) vs. 8-13 (.380). And losing to unranked teams?? Dorrell has lost 10 games(!) to unranked teams.

There is no consistency to your analysis. If there were then you would have to put Dorrell on the hot seat before Callahan, because not only does he have a worse record in all the areas you are critical of Callahan and more, Dorrell has done worse LONGER.  Shouldn't you hold Dorrell to the same standard you are holding Callahan? What is this love affair you have with Dorrell??  Stop talking about UCLA Football, you are embarrassing yourself and doing a great disservice to UCLA fans.
You can also respond directly this moron by emailing him at

Another note to keep in mind about why Trev is being a total hypocrite holding Callahan to a higher standard. He went to Nebbie. So he has no problem holding his alma mater's head coach to the same level of expectations he is chastising UCLA fans for.

So not only he is a moron he is a dishonest moron.