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Fire At The Farm

Stanford last year was the worst football program in the Pac-10. They barely won one game (although they hung tough against Dorrell's sleep walking bunch at the Rose Bowl) and fired Walt Harris at the end of the season.

To inject some life back into their program the Stanford brass hired Jim Harbaugh from University of San Diego. Harbaugh is the former Wolverine, who played for Mike Ditka in Chicago. He is showing the same fiery side of Ditka and Schembechler up at the Farm:

Harbaugh hit the ground running and talking, making bold statements about restoring "the legacy that Stanford rightfully has in college football" and attacking the job "with enthusiasm unknown to mankind."

Harbaugh quickly made it clear that, as far as he's concerned, Stanford's days of kowtowing to the USCs of the college football world were over.

Consider this little salvo he fired at USC coach Pete Carroll in March. Harbaugh told that he had heard from those "inside the staff" at USC that Carroll was leaving for the NFL after the 2007 season.

Carroll, understandably, was angry.

Harbaugh's response? He didn't back down. He stood by his words. What did you expect from a man Schembechler called "the cockiest" quarterback he ever coached at Michigan?

"I definitely said that. But we bow to no man, we bow to no program here at Stanford University," Harbaugh said at the time.

That kind of hyperbole may sound corny, but it sent a message to Harbaugh's players. He's fearless -- just like Ditka and Schembechler -- and they should be, too. That's exactly what his players need to hear after too many demoralizing seasons.
I have to say I like the image Harbaugh is projecting as a new head coach. Ultimately it may not matter much because of Stanford's depleted talent and the academic hurdles at Palo Alto. Yet, the guy is not backing down one inch and unlike some mediocre coach we know too well is not making any excuses.

If Harbaugh can put together a 5/6 win season it would be a huge step forward for him and the bottom of barrel Stanford program (which Dorrell has had a difficult time beating up at Palo Alto). You know he is going to have his guys all fired up for the Bruins that first game of the season. And given how pathetic Dorrell's team has played up in Palo Alto (1-1) it could be a recipe for another Dorrell disaster. Of course Bruins should go in absolutely destroy and dominate the Cardinals. But Dorrell's pathetic coaching and an inspired performance from Harbaugh's program will probably make this a barn burner. A Stanford victory in that first game will probably jump start both coaches in totally different directions.

No pressure Karl.