Another day, another trOJan arrested

Bumped. Summer has barely started and already it looks like M will need update the rap sheet on Pom Pom's (alleged) thugs from South Central. Yeah there is no lack of institutional control in Peetie's goon program. Noooone at all. Everything is all right in South Central. It is all good. GO BRUINS. -N

This is just too comical. From the LAT:

USC junior safety Josh Pinkard was arrested this month (May 18th) on suspicion of driving under the influence, coach Pete Carroll confirmed Tuesday. I know, I know. This is not news. Just another trOJan arrested, happens all the time, right? But's the real comical part (keep in mind that this incident occurred over 10 days ago): Asked Tuesday afternoon if Pinkard had been arrested, Carroll at first said he was unaware of the incident but would look into the matter. Ummm, yeah, where have we heard that before?

It gets even better:

Carroll said later that staff members had reached Pinkard and confirmed his arrest. Carroll said he would speak to Pinkard Tuesday night or Wednesday. "We're looking into it and we'll find out the details", Carroll said. "As usual, we'll handle it internally." Uhhhh, yeah, I'm sure 'ol Cheatie will handle it "internally" and make poor 'ol Josh run a few winsprints in practice. Maybe put him on "timeout" for a quarter or two against Idaho in their season opener. What a friggin' joke.

Just another example of how little control and oversight Carroll has over his band of thugs and criminals. This is a program spinning out of control.

Would anyone like to wager by what date the next $C rape or assault case will surface? I'm betting one by July 4th. It's a sure bet.

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