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More Southern Cal Thuggery?

UPDATE III[5-31-07]:Kevin over at FanBlogs has a great post posing a question which the Trojan lapdogs in LA media will never ask: is Pom Pom getting a free pass? Also in the comment section which is swarmed with bunch of delusional TrOJies in denial, Kevin is rightfully skeptical about the DN update courtesy of Maiva's stepfather retorting, "After all, Reggie Bush's stepfather seemed pretty certain he didn't hit anyone up for money, either, right?" - N

UPDATE II [05-31-07]:As usual great work by someone's PR department. Of course it is Maiava who gets his version of the story out first in the traditional media and the LA press posts the story without getting story from all sides involved. -N

UPDATE: The story is now being talked up at Wild West, a huge Trojan hangout on the internets. - N

Originally posted in the diaries by bluestreet. When is the NCAA going to break up this semi-pro football team masquerading as student athletes?-- Ajax

Oh man.

The ink isn't even dry on Pinkard story but already WeSucHard is lighting up with rumors of yet another TrOJie LB in trouble:

BuckeyeInSoCal wrote: Not like it will be front page on the LA Times or likely even mentioned but......

"An arrest warrant has been issued for USC Linebacker Kulaka Maiava.  Maiava, according to several witnesses, trespassed onto the campus of Baldwin High School in Wailuku Tuesday and began a heated discussion with a 17 year old female student.  Maiava, according to witnesses then assaulted the student causing a blackened eye, broken nose and forcing her to be hospitalized over night with a concussion.  Maiava then assaulted the student's boyfriend who tried to intervene.  Both students are scheduled to graduate later this week."

I can say from official sources that this is 100% true.  Interesting and sad that a 225 lb linebacker would strike a 98 pound female, but I guess that's the way the world is today.  Happens at all the schools these days...Penn State, UM...I think even OSU had somebody kicked off the team for this about two years ago.  I guess that is what happens when these kids have their eggo's inflated by sites like these that praise them as the second comming when they sign a LOI.

I also know that the family contacted The University of Southern California and spoke with someone named Dennis Slutak who apologized for the incident and during the course of the phone converstation asked the family to keep the story quiet which, shall we say, sent thim into a rage.  Too bad this didn't happen in LA so Maiava could call Xavier Atta and have the assault charges swept under the rug.  Since they know I frequent message boards, they asked me to spread the story....for what it's worth.
And it looks like there may just be something to this rumor. From Gary P, the site moderator:
There was a post earlier today concerning an alleged incident involving Kaluka Maiava in Hawaii. What we can confirm is that there was an altercation of some sort and that a police report has been filed.  As of last night, no arrests have been made and no charges have been brought.  We will keep you posted if we hear any other confirmed details.
As they say DEVELOPING!!!

Go Bruins!!!