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Road to Omaha - Sunday Night - Open Thread

Do or die time for UCLA baseball tonight.

If we don't get it done tonight, it will be last time we get to see this:

Photo credit/source: BigWillieStyles' photostream

First pitch is scheduled for 7 pm PST. The game is going to be televised on ESPN2. As gilbert noted its a national broadcast. So we will all get to watch it. BTW gilbert managed to find a this silver lining from last yesterday's debacle. We will take all the positive thinking we can get right now.

Anyways if you don't have cable you can still listen/follow the game online by going here. Plus you can always rock out here in the game thread and get the updates from everyone else.

Let's hope our boys coming through and putting together a rally in the Super Regionals.

Here is to having another baseball open thread tomorrow.

Fire away.