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Simmering ...

We have had our share of shrub talk here on BN. Obviously there is a lot of frustration in this area about the seemingly weak and pathetic NCAA who has come across as totally incompetent in dealing with the blockbuster cheating scandal involving Reggie Bush.

If you are thinking we are the only ones taking note of what is going on. Check out this post from Roll Bama Roll which voiced its frustration with the NCAA wrt to Bush:

I understand Mandel's assertion that the NCAA can't really strip USC of national titles because the NCAA doesn't award national titles in D1 football, but if we don't see some forfeits on USC's books, I am going to go bonkers. Alabama was forced to forfeit  games in 1993 because of a signature on a cocktail napkin yet there will probably be little more than a slap on the wrist for this and there's been even less than that for others doing similar things.

Cecil Hurt, unsurprisingly, wrote a fantastic piece on this a while back that sums up the befuddlement of many Alabama fans. I agree with Hurt that I don't want to see USC get hammered with crippling sanctions, but I do want to know why things seem to be handled by the NCAA so haphazardly and so incredibly unevenly.
You can read the whole post by going here.

Of course the delusional TrOJie faitful are happy to play ostrich. And right now they have their head buried in the sand going through see no evil, hear no evil routine. But back in their mind everyone knows something is terribly rotten with Pom Pom's shady program.

I know we are going to keep pointing it out. Its good to know we are not alone in those efforts. This Reggie Bush scandal will be simmering in the minds of college football fans all across America unless you happen to be one of those Ostriches wearing Kethcup and mustard.