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Recruiting Mishap Continues Under Dorrell

Couple of days ago I wrote Dorrel's recruiting in offense has been pretty lackluster this season (just like his last four years). One of the specific example, I brought up was the name Covaughn Deboskie. Deboskie is an elite RB from Arizona, who was considered a prime UCLA target that was not listing the Bruins two days ago in his list, which includes schools like Michigan, Cal, ASU and Stanford.

Well it sounds like someone in Dorrell's staff messed up. And messed up in a huge way. From Greg Biggins, one of the most prominent recruiting experts in the country (emphasis mine):

The recruitment of Deboskie over the last few weeks has taken on an almost soap operaish tune. Here is where things are at right now after talking to him last night. UCLA has not been dropped, Covaughn assumed once they received a commitment from Derrick Coleman, they would be done taking RBs but he had not talked to anyone at UCLA about that. He found out UCLA recruited Coleman as a FB and still has room for another TB so they're back on the list.

They have dropped significantly for a lot of reasons however. As we talked about before, they went about a month without any communication while other schools like Cal, his current leader, has been texting and writing him every day.

He also read on a news blog recently that not everyone was sold on him from the UCLA staff which made him scratch his head a little. He said he just recently got back in touch with UCLA via Dino Babers and asked about the quote and Babers told him he had no idea where that came from and 'we still really want you here.'

Right now, Cal is in a very good position and Stanford is strong as well. Those two schools are recruiting him the hardest and he really likes both the staffs and campuses. He still plans to tkae several unofficial visits to the South including Alabama, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Florida but I really don't see him going that far from home. Although mom really likes Stanford (when don't they) I think Cal is the team to beat and he could commit by the end of the summer since he'll be an early graduate to enroll in time for Spring ball.
Did you get that? The staff didn't bother communicating with him for a month. And no it's not like we don't need elite running backs to jump start Dorrell's pathetic offense. After four years Dorrell's revolving door coaching crew still continues to make rookie mistakes. And yet we are being told to trust these coaches. But hey no worries. I am sure we are going to get a commit from some 1-3* recruit very soon and will be lectured to forget about how Dorrell and his staff continues to strike out or in some cases just plain botch the recruiting of elite skill players on offense time after time.

It has been one long soap opera for rest of college football while a nightmare for us.

Just trust Dorrell's (revolving door) coaching staff. They know what they are doing.