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Stop The Whining

Let's see last week Dorrell's coaching staff signed some unknown recruits. They got exposed for what looks like dropping the ball on an elite running back, a position they have to feel in a large class with 28 scholies. Its not a secret that Dorrell's staff hasn't performed up to expectations when it comes to recruiting on offensive side of the ball despite Dorrell's Morgan Center burnished resume which highlighted his experience of mastery of the WCO.

And then there is the fact we are in midst of an off-season which followed a pathetic, underachieving 7 win season, and this:

It must have been BN bloggers who were on the sidelines that day responsible for another Bruin humiliation under Karl Dorrell.

If you do not like the negative and caustic tone around our football program than that is your problem.

If you don't like the negativity around Dorrell's underachieving program then perhaps you should think about focusing that annoyance and displeasure on the central figure who has been responsible for leading a boring, stale program, which has become the poster child of underachievement and mediocrity in college football.

Some of you guys who are coming here now whining about what I write sound like the exact same losers who were trying to shut down BN, when we launched it almost two years ago. Those who have been with us from the beginning will remember this from O:

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 01:31:23 -0400

As a loyal Bruin fan, I started checking out the Bruin Nation site.

I hope you guys are not paying the guys that [sic] run that site. Those guys are the biggest bunch of whinning [sic] idiots I have ever seen.

There is nothing of value on that site. Just the same old tired BS that makes it look like all they care about is getting the coach at UCLA fired.

That being the case, I will be telling my friends not to visit your site until you guys do something to balance the content on that pathetic site.

Angel Calvo
Los Angeles, CA
O eviscerated that clown who at that time was going out of his way to ridicule and to attack BN for having the audacity to express povs, that did not parrot the M&M partylines, which we frequently see dominate the other boards.

The bottom line is UCLA football - just like UCLA basketball was under Steve Lavin - is not fun right now. There is a reason why there is so much cynicism around our football program. It begins and ends with the head coach (just like it did during the Lavin era) with the man who is in charge of this program.

It was not long ago when we were these types of posts in other Bruin online communities, where Bruin fans were whining about the negativity surrounding the basketball program. Instead of focusing their fire on a mediocre, underachieving (well in Lavin's case an incompetent and fraudulent) head coach, they decided to attack UCLA fans who were expressing opinions based on reality.

If you think UCLA football is headed towards the right direction and will deliver a Pac-10 championship this coming season under Dorrell, then by all means post away and give us those fact based reasons why you believe Dorrell will deliver this season.

I will tell you right now - if Dorrell delivers a Pac-10 championship this season - we are going to accept him just like many of us accepted Jim Harrick (despite his flaws) after taking the team to Final-4 (and delivering banner number 11) in 1995. But until then if you are going to annoyed about the caustic and unpleasant atmosphere around UCLA football, don't come here whining about it.

It wasn't any of use who humiliated UCLA's name last time our football program was on the field.

So stop the whining.