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Special Sunday For the Nation

Happy Fathers to day to everyone.

Have you called your Dad yet?

Happy Fathers to day to all the Dads here on BN - Menelaus, Meriones, Ajax, Achilles, Class of 66, Fox71 and many others - who help make this place the most passionate, engaged, and intellectually honest Bruin online community around the internets.

Now this is a special Sunday for this Nation. We've got Dad Day today on top of the graduation weekend. Again want to extrend our congratulations to every member of the UCLA class of 2007.

Graduation (06) at the Catheral of College Basketball
Photo Credit/Source: Big Willie Style's Photo Stream

From my experience 4 and 2/3 quarters in Westwood was Paradise. But life only got better from there on as an alum of one of the finest universities in the world. And for our newest graduates on BN, I just have a simple message. This is a family in its truest sense. We are here for each other. If you need help, suggestions, ideas on what you want to do next (i.e. whereever you want to go to law school, med school, what cities you want to live in) we are here for you. Fire away with questions. Don't be shy to engage the hundreds, thousands of alums who are coming to BN every day to get their blue and gold fix.

So congratualtions to all our newest graduates and a Happy Father's Day to the Nation.

Enjoy your Sunday.