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Monday News & Notes

As trainwreck diaried Dorrell’s staff picked up key OL commitment yesterday. Hemet’s Hamani Stevens committed to UCLA yesterday. Hamani sounds like a tough kid. However, as Dohn notes even though he has ordered (his college choice), he will still be looking around to see what else is on the menu:

"Center you have to have a brain. Guard, you can just go out and hit people,'' he (Hamani) said. "You've got your guy, and you just have to go out there and hit 'em. I like hitting guys.''
Also, Stevens said he committed Friday and is strong with the Bruins, but he will still take recruiting trips. Stevens said he may go to Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Michigan State.
"Just so I could see around, see some different colleges,'' Stevens said. "I like to see different places.''
We will see how the coming season turns out. If Dorrell wins the Pac-10 championship, those trips will not be worrisome. But if he comes up with another bumbling, stumbling season, holding on to recruits like Hamani could get a little dicey.

Anyways, welcome Hamani.

If you want to see a cool recruiting snapshot of 2008 class, check out CalPolyBruin’s nifty graphic over at Bruin Roar. Also over a Bruin Roar, CPB continues to profile players who are expected to be key contributors in a huge season. This time it’s MLB Christian Taylor:
Taylor was involved in a key 4th down stop against the Trojans this last December. Along with Alteraun Verner, Taylor hist running back CJ Gable for a huge loss to give the ball back to the Bruins. You can see a clip of that hit in this highlight video of the game. I tell you, watching that never gets old.

Christian did an outstanding job last season and he looks poised to have a huge senior campaign. He spent most of last season with a bum ankle, so it will be great to see what he can do while healthy. I expect big things from this defensive captain and I know he will deliver.
We have the same expectations from Christian and rest of his team-mates. The question is whether their coaches will put in position to deliver a Pac-10 championship.

And in case Dorrell fails to deliver in his fifth season, a number of Bruin fans are already organizing heading into next season. Just 75 days to go till we start finding our answers on how this will all play out.