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Speaking Fees

Another really interesting piece of info. from Dohn's blog. It's about our basketball coach:

The rejuvenation of UCLA's basketball program with consecutive trips to the Final Four, both resulting in losses to Florida, has made Howland a craved group speaker. He's not as high on the list as Steve Young when it comes to the speaking fee, but he is also much more reasonable.
Heck, for $15,000 he will entertain your group, and likely teach you how to play defense against the most offensive people in your company. Oh, if you're outside of L.A., you'll also have to fork over the funds for a first-class flight to get Howland to your location.
Scroll down on this link a little bit to see Howland's availability.
So here is a question for those readers who are in charge an organization, office or business etc. How much would you pay Karl Dorrell to speak to your employees?

No I am serious.

How much would you pay the Thinker to inspire your employees to grow and learn everyday?

I'd be really interested to read the responses.