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Dohn is back on the DN blog and he has some interesting notes. Let's start with football. Looks like NFL guys are confirming what we already knew. KD is going to have a boatload of talent to work with this upcoming season:

After a down year in which only one Bruin player was selected during the 2007 NFL Draft, the program will rebound in 2008 with 11 prospects projected for the 2008 NFL Draft, according to NFL
They are seniors Shannon Tevaga (Offensive Line), Chris Markey (Running Back), Michael Pitre, (Fullback), Bruce Davis (Defensive End), Kevin Brown and Brigham Harwell (Defensive Tackles), Christian Taylor (Linebacker) and the defensive backfield quartet of CBs Trey Brown and Rodney Van and Safeties Dennis Keyes and Chris Horton.
Davis is currently the highest rated UCLA prospect carrying first round value for the 2008 Draft. It also marks the first time ever that NFL has projected an entire unit in one Draft class.
Also speaking of sick talent we all knew Jrue Holiday was on campus for an unofficial earlier this week. Dohn now reports Tyreese Breshers was on campus today for an unofficial visit. 6'6 230 Breshers is another 4 star blue chip power forward.

Looks like everyone now wants to be part of the best basketball program in America.