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Why I Appreciate This Site

On the occasion of the this site's second anniversary, I wanted to express my appreciation to Nestor, the other contributors and the many readers and participants who make Bruins Nation worthwhile.

One thing needs to be made clear: My appreciation for this site is not because its editors and writers have taken an anti-Dorrell stance or because they choose to hold Karl Dorrell to any particular set of standards. If anything, while I generally agree with the majority opinion on the Karl Dorrell issue, I'm likely more moderate than any of the other contributors and many of the readers.

If this site was only about bashing Karl Dorrell, I wouldn't be here -- even if I agreed in principle with the bashing.

No, what I appreciate about this site is its independence and its freedom of thought. Bruins Nation is not a site for shills, it's a place for independent people with the confidence to express their personal views and visions. This is a place for smart people with smart takes. It's a place for independent thinkers, with original thoughts.I have no doubt that if I chose to oppose the majority opinion here regarding Dorrell or any other issue, I have that opportunity.

And for that I'm grateful.

Yes, I read Bruin Report Online. And, very rarely, I look at Bruinzone or the blogs of the print reporters. Each has its own place in the pantheon of web sites devoted to UCLA athletics.

As does Bruins Nation -- which I believe is an important contributor to the grand and always ongoing conversation about Bruin sports.