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Bruins Nation Turns 2

Given some of the recent discussions recently around this little corner of the internets, it’s ironic we forgot to mark a major milestone for this blog.

BN turned two years old on June 16.

Suffice to say we have come a long way since we started off with this post two years ago.

I wanted to take this occasion to make something clear. Sure three of us – Odysseus, Ajax, and yours truly – started this journey on a single issue blog back in October of 2004 when we reached the conclusion that Dorrell is not the right guy to lead our program. However, it should be obvious to rest of the world given our body of work, that we are planning to stick around for a quiet a long time. I mean comeon. We have fun writing about UCLA waterpolo and softball. You think we are gonna just hang it up when Dan Guerrero brings us the Howland of college football?

Frankly we are a little overwhelmed at what has transpired in terms of the growth of this wonderful community, thanks to all the readers and contributors who come here day after day to get their fix on all that is blue and gold.

I know we are not going to make everyone happy in what we write and how we write. But we will not make any apologies for what we do and how we do it. No matter how unpleasant things may be around a particular program, we are not going to shy away from expressing exactly how we feel about what is going on with our alma mater, and what we think should be done about it.

At the same time when we have causes for celebration we are going to turn this place upside down, reveling in our Bruin spirit, which we get to express as alums, students, and fans of one of the finest universities in the world.