Comedy From Bruin Romper Room: In Defense of Karl Dorrell

You know Dorrell is feeling the heat when even Dorrell's kids at BruinGold have to step up to his defense. For those of you who dont know, BruinGold is Bruin Romper Room, the happy place - where not a negative thing is ever thought or uttered.  Dont bother going over there its really a waste of time. We had someone email us this post though that is just tragic comedy ... this guy should go ahead and write that emo love song for Dorrell he's obviously been dying to write.  For your amusement:

While the topic the past few days has been on KD and what kind of season we expect, I thought about some of the positives KD has brought to the program. I know I probably focus on the negative too often, so here's some of the things I think Dorrell needs to be given credit for.
  1. Under KD, I've seen no quit in these players. They play hard the entire game. Last years three game winning streak at the end of the season was a definite step in the right direction.
  2. We have a group of players we can be proud of as Bruin fans. I think they represent the team and the university proudly.
  3. These players seem to respects KD's leadership. They know who's in charge, and want to give their best for him.
  4. The off the field issues have been minimized. With college students you're probably never going to eliminate them, but KD holds these guys accountable. The fact is the buck stops with him, not someone else, and these players know that.
  5. He's made great inroads recruiting wise into the inner city, which has been paying off lately. Also, I like the fact that he restored the relationship with Hart H.S., given the recent recruitment of Larimore.
  6. He found Dwayne Walker from the NFL, who obviously has nade our defense respectable again.
  7. It appears he's created a new attitude within the program and maybe outside the program about UCLA football. The impression I get from this team is that they're proud to be Bruins, and truly believe that they can be part of taking the program to the next level. I think KD has a definite vision of where he wants to take this program, and wants to put UCLA into the elite group.
  8. While this is true of most coaches, there's no doubt KD spends countless hours trying to make it right, and put the best coached team on the field. I think he knows his shortcomings, and has tried to improve on that.
  9. I think it's no mistake that our assistant coaches are making better money. From the stories I've read, it appears this was initiated by KD. I know the turnovers still high, but the better salaries are a positive move.
  10. As a coach and a person, I feel he is a positive representive for the university. We don't read negative stories about KD in the papers, about off the field incidents. Personnaly, I'm proud as a fan to have a coach like that.
There's no doubt KD's worked hard to bring the program to a certain level, and I'm talking about more than just wins and losses. I think he needs to be recognized for that. And I know I can be pretty critical of him sometimes, but though I'd take a positve approach for a change.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.

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