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The Right Decision

If any of you are ever in the unfortunate situation of your son or daughter even thinking about attending the glorified community college across town here is a story you have to read.

Rachael Kidder from Moorpark is one of the most sought after volleyball recruits in the country. She just made her decision, much to the relief of her Bruin Dad:

If Rachael Kidder was agonizing over her impending decision to play women's volleyball for USC or UCLA, just imagine how her dad, John, felt.

John Kidder, the offensive coordinator for Moorpark High's football team, is a UCLA grad and a proud Bruin. He played on the Bruins' offensive line from 1983 to 1987, at times protecting Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman.

"I tried not to pressure her or say things," John said. "But it's almost impossible when you're talking about USC and UCLA. Even if I didn't saying anything, I'm sure the look on my face said something."
And here is how the story played out:
Following a few unofficial visits and more recruiting letters than she could count, Rachael narrowed her choices down to USC and UCLA. She wanted to stay and play close to home.

"I wasn't very interested in some of the schools because they were from different states," Rachael said. "I didn't want to leave California."

With USC still in the equation, John prepared for the worst.

"There was a stretch where I though she was pretty serious," John said. "I told the coach at USC that I would wear a USC volleyball shirt and support USC volleyball, but no other sport. You'd never see my fingers in the air and all that, but I'd support volleyball and her, obviously."

In the end- last Thursday, to be exact- Rachael decided on the Bruins. She'll keep the UCLA tradition alive and well in the Kidder household. It was, however, a decision she made on her own terms.
Smart kid. At the end it turned out the Bruin Dad raised her right.

I guess also the fact is the volleyball program is led by a great coach. So this kind of scenario usually plays in favor of our Bruins unlike other situations (Marc Tyler in football and Luke Walton in hoops) when the program is not led by a credible coach.

Anyways congrats to the Kidders. We look forward to Rachael kicking some TrOJAan behinds, taking some names, and hopefully helping to add some banners at UCLA.