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Sunday (Football) News & Notes

Dohn continues to post at a magical level over at "Inside UCLA." This weekend he answers few more questions on UCLA hoops and basketball. Part III of his answers had some poignant tidbits on the state of UCLA football recruiting (Here are links to Part I and Part II). In answering a question on depth chart Dohn commented on the holes that may open up in Dorrell's roster:

Looking at the depth chart it seems that over the next few years we will have pretty good quality depth at most positions except at OG and D-line. Any read on any of the guys still available this year (Ethan Johnson, Allen Carroll in particular or any of the other guys who haven't been offered scholorships like Solomon Koehler, Willie Mobley, Craig Noble, Jamaar Jarrett or Max Tuioti-Mariner)?
It's interesting how you phrase that, because a lack of depth at guard and on the defensive line is a recipe for disaster. As far as recruiting and who could wind up there still, I talked to a few of my sources, and even they said it would be nothing more than a wild guess at this point.
This is another reason why many of us are concerned about our recruiting despite the positioning of our current class (in the top-5 based on sheer number of commitments). Sure we are taking in a lot of commits, but it is not clear whether the coaching staff has a clear strategy on balancing the roster. To date we don't have any elite OL on board. There are no 5 star commits in the DL. And there is the matter of getting superstars in skilled positions. In his four years Dorrell has yet to sign a Foster level RB. And it looks like he may miss out again this year. And right now it doesn't look great in terms of whether we will be adding an "program changer" level QB or WR in this class as well.

Yet Dorrell and his coachers are being a little too over eager on the recruiting trail. Dohn is not kind when he says this:
Do you think we should have waited to see if we could land the higher rated OL prospects before offering to sleepers?
Great question because I think sometimes UCLA offers kids they know they can get in the summer so they don't have to fight it out with some of the big boys late in the recruiting process. So to answer your question, yes, I do.
Did you get that? There it is. The best beat reporter covering UCLA football saying flat out Dorrell and his coaches don't really care much for fighting it out with the big boys. And you wonder why so many of us BN consider Dorrell as a below average head coach, who doesn't care much for winning. Disgraceful, sad, and at this point just amusing.

Speaking of sad and amusing ever since DD brought our attention to an amusing post over at Bruin Gold, there has been a flurry of amusing responses. One post stuck out though and hit on an important point that I think everyone needs to be aware of:
There will always be dissatisfied fans, but when a coach brings this kind of polarization to the program there is obviously a problem. No one can argue that Dorrell has brought UCLA football back to prominence. Nor can anyone argue that Dorrell hasn't made progress in some areas. The truth is somewhere in between. Unless Dorrell really delivers this year then this fight will continue and Im afraid will eventually bring him down. Negativity and polarization eats away at a program and eventually something is going to have to change.

I don't think there is anyone who wants UCLA to fail. So, lets focus on UCLA winning and this will all take care of itself.
A little voice of sanity in the Romper Room after all (kidding BG people, we are kidding. Take it easy).

Seriously that's a crucial point. Its one reason I don't believe Dorrell is going to survive a season that brings us anything short of a Pac-10 championship and at least an appearance in the Rose Bowl. A Holiday Bowl appearance is not going to work. It may work for some so called UCLA fans who have no standards whatsoever in terms of where UCLA football should be in the hierarchy of college football, but it will not work for rest of us.

If Dorrell fails to deliver on the expectations he laid out when he came aboard at UCLA, which is to win Pac-10 championship and beat Southern Cal, the negativity and the poisonous atmosphere around his program will only get worse. And as that sage poster points it, it will eventually lead to a total collapse of the program, and take him down.

For UCLA's sake we hope Dorrell wins the Pac-10 and things will take care of itself. Until then Dorell is going to have deal with all the cynicisms around his program. He brought it upon himself as a result of that disgraceful performance in the very last game of 2006-07 season.