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The UCLA History Project

A reader brought our attention to something pretty cool: the UCLA History Project.

More from the site:

The UCLA History Project is capturing and recording a full account of our beloved alma mater, from its humble beginnings to its current standing as one of the world's most prestigious public research universities. We invite all Bruins - and the extended UCLA family - to be a part of this monumental endeavor.

We will be delving into the untold number of historical documents and photographs preserved in UCLA's archives and other campus units. But we are committed to going beyond what is already here - interviewing many members of the UCLA community and searching for materials and information that may be on the verge of becoming permanently lost or forgotten.

This is the first time that UCLA has taken on such a large-scale formal collection of items pertaining to its history. The effort is a collaboration between the UCLA Alumni Association and Gold Shield, Alumnae of UCLA.

Much of the material gathered will serve as background for UCLA's second history book to be published in fall 2008. The new book will document the university's entire lifespan, revisiting the campus's formative years through the present time.
The guys who are putting it together are collecting stories, pictures etc. They already have a photo gallery up which includes some priceless shots:

If you have something to contribute send it their way. Here is the info. on where you can send the info. Plus you can aways share them with us!

I am sure Fox71 and Classof66 alone can add a separate chapter to that  book.