Should He Stay or Should He Go (Now)?

Thanks to The Clash for my subject line.

Disclaimer/Warning:  This diary is about KD, and if you are bored with the subject, or think this is just more KD-bashing, with all due respect, please just mosey along.  This is an issue which has interested me for some time and I wanted to throw it out there.

For some time, Fox 71 has been a strong proponent of--let's just say it--firing KD right now.  Immediately.  He's gone today.  Or, even better, yesterday.

Personally, I am no fan of KD.  I think he should have been canned even before last year.  But he was obviously not fired so it appears he will be here at least through this year (unless things go seriously wrong right off the bat).  

I have been hesitant about taking a position as to whether or not he should be fired at the end of this season, or if he should be fired right now.  My central concern is what effect a firing right now, today, before the season begins, would have on our team and on the upcoming season.  Or perhaps the effect on future recruitment.

I think he should be let go right now for the simple reason that, the longer we procrastinate on this decision, the greater the chance that he will perform just well enough to survive yet another year.  Sort of like students or employees who are pretty crappy, yet manage to hang on long after they should have been let go.

However, I can be persuaded one way or another on this topic.  Perhaps someone can recall historical examples of coaches being let go pre-season, or mid-season, and the positive or negative effect on the team for that year.

I really don't think he is going to be let go pre-season, so I guess you can call this an "intellectual exercise," but I think this is an interesting and legitimate topic and I'd be interesting in hearing how others think about this.  Like I said, my position is not set in stone (and, let's face it, KD will not be fired or stay on no matter what I think).

What say you?

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