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Tuesday News & Notes

As 'street already diaried two more commits for KD. Dohn has the story:

UCLA's fast-filling 2008 recruiting class added two more players Monday, including a potential game-breaker when Birmingham High of Lake Balboa running back Milton Knox joined Chino Hills High tight end Cory Harkey in giving non-binding oral commitments to coach Karl Dorrell.

During an unofficial visit to campus, Knox said the coaching staff showed him a montage of Maurice Drew highlights, and said they envisioned using the 5-foot-8, 190-pounder the same way.

"That's exactly what I am," Knox said. "That's the reason I chose UCLA. I can see myself doing the same thing he did. They showed me film. I'll return kicks, punts, whatever. I'm comfortable doing whatever they want me to do."

Knox ran for 2,374 yards and 29 touchdowns to lead the Patriots to the City Section title last season, and was chosen the player of the year by the section's coaches, and a group of L.A. sportswriters.

"It felt like it was the right decision, the right thing to do," Knox said. "I want to help the recruiting class, and get big names, and big-time receivers. A couple said they were waiting on me, and if they're waiting for me, I want to commit. I'm a Bruin."

Sources said El Camino of Oceanside receiver Nelson Rosario is one such player.
So Knox sounds like another small running back. I am still waiting for Dorrell to bring to UCLA a big running back in the caliber of this guy:

I guess it is all about having "trust" in the worst UCLA coach since WWII. Anyways, it is good to see coaches having early success in the recruiting trail. But as I have said elsewhere it would be prudent for the coaches to be selective with their offers at this point should they pull off a marquee season featuring a Pac-10 championship and a victory over Southern Cal.

Switching off to hoops Dohn has a story on AA as NBA draft draws closer. AA is feeling good:
"No one has guaranteed me anything, but it looks good," Afflalo said. "A lot of things take place draft day, so you never know. I've gotten that indication (of being drafted in the first round). I don't speak too high on it, but things are looking good.

"It does look like it's a very good possibility."

A year ago, when Afflalo entered the draft but pulled his name out after several workouts, he said he was beaten down by the end of workouts for several NBA teams.

This time Afflalo was better prepared, and several sources said he made favorable impressions in some of his team workouts.
Good luck AA!! We are pulling for you brother.

We will end with two non-sports but Bruin related notes. The new chancellor - UVA provost, Gene D. Block - is coming to town to finally take over for Lavin and Dorrell's Godfather. LAT has a profile of Mr. Block. I like this para. from the article a lot (bold mine):
Despite their differences, UCLA and Virginia have similarities. Both are state institutions with high admissions standards, fiercely proud alumni, vaunted athletic programs and important hospitals and law schools. They hold nearly identical spots in U.S. News & World Report's ranking of national universities. (Virginia tied for 24th with the University of Michigan, and UCLA came next.)
Well that's us. And Mr. Block will definitely be hearing from us should our football coach fail to deliver on his promises in his fifth year in Westwood.

Lastly, I diaried about the Undie Run this past weekend. LAist has a photo essay (warning they may not be safe for work).