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Eye On The Cyclones (and Their HC)

The network of SBNation's family of blogs continue to grow every week. I usually don't write stand-alone posts announcing the additions of each blog. However, here is one I had to note.

Please take a note of the launching of Clone Chronicles (formerly Crosseyed), a blog set up for Iowa State Cyclone fans. A warm welcome to CC and I urge all of you keep a close eye on that place.

Now why should a Bruin fan like you care about ISU? For the same reason you should keep track of teams like Boise State, schools with head coaches whose name could become more germane wrt to Bruin football as we go through 2007 season.

If you didn't know Iowa State hired a new football coach last year: Gene Chizik, the former co-defensive coordinator for Texas Longhorns. Chizik was one of the hottest defensive coordinators in the coaching circuit last season. And Iowa State didn't waste any time in grabbing him when he became available.

But here is the rub. Check out who flew Chizik into Ames as he was getting to set to take the job of new HC of Cyclones this past year:

Well now, I guess we now know why Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard was making all those trips to Dallas. Texas co-defensive coordinator Gene Chizik is the new Cyclone coach, a stunning development that caught everybody by surprise. Central Michigan's Brian Kelly was widely reported to be the choice, but then the Raytheon Hawker 800 twin-jet owned by Troy Aikman arrived Monday morning in Ames and Chizik and his wife walked down the ramp.
So it was Aikman who flew Chizik into Ames.

I wonder if there will be a new flight course for that Aikman jet, pointing towards some destination he once called home.

So keep an eye on Clone Chronicles. And if you are looking to brush up on all the coaching candidates we have previous discussed on BN check out our posts/discussions by going here, here, here, here, and here.