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A Son Of [Sports] God in Bruin Blue and Gold?

I have no problem admitting it.

Sure I teared up a little watching this:

Joe Montana Retirement Ceremony

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In the world of athletes I have one God: Number 16 [with all the respect in world to Number 18 and to Number 31]. But for me Number 16 is simply at a different level than everyone else. I have written a little something about the Montana Magic before.

So why am I bringing him up tonight? Because of this update on Dorrell's camp on Dohn's blog (emphasis mine):

The commits of Birmingham High's Milton Knox and Chino Hills tight end Cory Harkey was the big news coming out of UCLA's three-day camp, which traditionally isn't as chock full of recruits as the one-day camps earlier in the spring/summer.
But sources told me a few players caught the eyes of the coaching staff, including the quarterbacking sons of pro football Hall of Famer Joe Montana. His two boys, Nate and Nick, both were at the camp early, and from what I heard the coaching staff was impressed by both. Nate is at powerhouse Concord De La Salle. Nick, the younger of the two boys, was the more intriguing of the two, sources told me. He will be a sophomore.
Now I know I have been absolutely merciless on KD for producing the worst record as UCLA football coach since WWI. But I will tell you right now.

If KD wins the Pac-10 championship this year and puts is in position in which a Montana can do this in Bruin blue and gold:

You will not find a bigger supporter of Karl Dorrell around the internets.

A son of God in Bruin blue and gold beating Southern Cal to clinch a Rose Bowl, turning Westwood into college football's Camelot

You've got to dream.